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Eurovision 2015: Aminata Savadogo from Latvia is proud of her mixed roots


Aminata Savadogo has roots in a diverse ethnic and cultural background. Her ancestry is a mix of African (Burkina Faso) and Russian ethnicity, which, together with the broad and inspiring Latvian culture, has influenced her to express her talents in composing and singing since the early childhood. Vanessa Spanbauer, our Chief of cultural Affairs met her for an interview

Who is Aminata?
I was born in Latvia, but I am not typical Latvian. I am mixed! My father is from Burkina Faso and my mother is from Latvia. Am I proud of my roots? Yes, I absolutely am! I have diversity in me and love my cultures. Plus, I like how I look!

How would you describe your sound?
I’m not sure about my style. It’s hard to put it in a genre because music nowadays always is a mix. I have some ethnical motives in the song, some RnB, some electronic and a lot of pop music.

Your song is not considered a typical Eurovision song – it stands out. Do you think this is your asset?
I feel very good about this. These are my emotions and my feelings. I wrote it in a moment of inspiration. Some people like it, some might not.

What do you think you can take away from the Eurovision experience?
A lot of things! Firstly, the stage experience. The feelings backstage and the moments on stage, focusing on your own voice. Also the interviews are a little new to me. You make a lot of friends and meet very nice people along the way!

What are your plans after the ESC is over?
I would love to do an international tour and visit several different places. That probably depends on the results. But to perform in different countries is part of my journey.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Mārtiņš Cīrulis – STYLE: Līga Banga – HAIR & MAKE-UP: Aija Ūdentiņa

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